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Meet Our Team


Sri Vidyapan Shikshan Prasarak Mandal (SVSPM) was started with a mission to offer good and quality education to the less fortunate kids of the society.


The seeds of the project were sown in the year 2013, in Pune, Maharashtra, with only 18 children in the first batch.


Today, slowly and steadily, we have reached to a mark of 8500+ children to receive wholesome and quality education from pre-primary to secondary section absolutely free!

We Deliver: a truly integrated educational experience, which focuses on both learning and the all round development of a child. 


We Value: Our philosophy of Inquire - Think - Learn, which encourages children to explore and inquire about the world around. 


Our Curriculum: While the curriculum includes academics at the core, it is the attention given to creativity and social interactions, which allows the children to hone their skills while maintaining their individual uniqueness. 


Patel S N

An Investment Portfolio Manager, with an interest in Education Sector, and a vast experience of 19 years, has always played a very vital role in the establishment of SVSPM.


Mehera R P

A Business person by several products under his hat, backed up with variants of Industry Expertise, he has been always the pillar of the organisation from operations to expansions. 


Jain  Y S

A Chartered Accountant serving a vast clientele network across the state, he has an excellent skill of contributing to organisation by his non-comparable PR skills and tie-up networks.


Patidar V N

The Secretary of the organisation, she plays an important role in the daily operations & management of the organisation with the vast experience of 28 years into construction industry.


Dr. Patidar P N

A Medical Doctor by profession, with an inborn inclination towards Training, Development and Education, with 19 years of industry knowledge, she has been the crucial architect of the academics of the organisation.


Patidar S N

He is backed up with an experience of 14 years into construction and development industry, is keenly pillaring to the contributions of the steady growth of SVSPM.


Kale D J

An Engineer with a solid base in industry of Information Technology, with a thorough interest in Training and Development of young talent has been the crucial pivot of the organisation since its existence.

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